Why is no one asking what Aria said to Mona? Mona says “Ali underestimated you.” to Aria. and is it just me or is aria completely shady as hell throughout this episode?


It has been confirmed that Tippy the bird will die during the summer finale.

Holding a prayer circle on the following Wednesday, and also forming a support group so we can all get through this tragedy.

No really Marlene….who tf are you killing off? Don’t test me. 


According to Marlene King it is still the fall of the girl’s senior year… which started in season three. So we’ve had almost two seasons taking place over like a month…

so Ezra’s reveal, Ezra getting shot, and Ezra healing happened over like a month. Also Ella’s entire relationship with Zach, Spencer going to Radley and being released, and then getting addicted to amphetamines, and the entirety of Paily happened in a couple months.

this is terrible continuity


So, as I am sure many of you are as well, I am spending my summer holidays watching back to back episodes of PLL. But I re-watching random episodes not just for the entertainment but to see if I can stumble upon any overlooked, frees clues. So instead of just rambling on I’m just going to get…


ali and the liars 2.0?

you’ve got your emily because looks so in love with ali

then there’s the spencer, she just looks pretty smart to me?

then hanna, the blonde. that’s basically all i have for her.

and then aria, her hair is kinda similar and also aria would maybe wear that on one of her less extreme days.

this probably means nothing and was just the writers having fun but it’s still odd.


when youre very proud of yourself